Digital Marketing Maturity Maps

Digital Marketing Maturity Maps (DM3)

For organizations that have a strategy in place, but need more operational guidance and assistance improving the results of their digital marketing, we use our proprietary Digital Marketing Maturity Maps (DM3) process. For each of the four digital marketing success roadways

We evaluate your current programs against the ideal state for B2B or B2C companies. We tell you exactly where you stand in each area, and then show you precisely what you must do to get to the next audience expectations checkpoint. Each DM3 also evaluates your current tools, processes, and organizational structure, and makes recommendations for enhancements or alterations, as necessary.

Once these Maturity Maps are completed, and we have evaluated the current status of your digital programs, we work as optimization coaches to AMP (Analyze + Measure + Propel) every element, moving you farther and farther down the road of remarkable until you are exceeding audience expectations in every respect.

Each week, Convince & Convert analysts meet with you to track progress against each of your roadways; investigate and analyze success metrics; discuss results; and refine the course to get to the next checkpoint as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your digital programs must get better. And then better again. And again.

But how, exactly?

Watch Jay Baer in this video describe our Digital Marketing Maturity Map process.

Using our DM3 frameworks, we tell you where you are today, and everything you need to add, change, or remove to deliver the very best digital program in your industry, delighting your customers and prospects at every turn.

We work with you to plot the course, and are with you every step of the way, across each of the five roadways. You still drive the car—it’s your company, after all—but you have our senior analysts riding shotgun the whole way.

Our digital marketing analysis and optimization services are priced per roadway and include:

  • Substantial research and discovery including success metric and research review, stakeholder and customer interviews, and advanced competitor analysis
  • Creation of a custom Maturity Map framework for up to 4 digital marketing roadways: content marketing, social media, email/messaging and Web/reputation. Each includes where you are today, and what you must do to exceed audience expectations in the next 12-24 months, and in what sequence
  • Ongoing optimization support where we AMP (Analyze + Measure + Propel) your digital with step-by-step improvement and enhancement plans, accountability and project management counsel, review and analysis of monthly success metrics, quarterly deep dives and Maturity Map changes, and ad hoc, on-call insights whenever you need them.

What does this really mean? We taste your food, and then work with you to make you an amazing chef.

Learn how we keep the greatest brands in the world in front of their customers’ expectations.

For more information on our exclusive DM3 analysis and optimization program where we work together to make your digital better. set up a consultation call with a Convince & Convert analyst.

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